Jordi Alba says the fans are not angry at him

jordi alba says fans are not angry

According to some Spanish sports papers, Barca’s Jordi Alba was criticised for playing for the national side at the London 2012 Olympics.

Spain’s Olympic offering didn’t fare too well at the games and a lot of people are blaming that as a possible reason for Jordi’s delayed participation with Barca but the player insists that he doesn’t believe the fans are angry with him.

Barca defender Jordi Alba had this to say:

“I had the opportunity to play at the Olympic Games in London. It didn’t turn out as we’d hoped and I’ve said I didn’t play with a fever. I don’t think the fans have any reason to be angry at me.”

Jordi Alba has spoken up to defend himself against the rumours stating that he played in Spain’s game with a fever. The international defender said that he felt unwell after the game and not during it. He said that he wouldn’t have been able to play with a fever.

He continued:

“People have said I had a fever during the game, but that’s not true. No-one can play with a fever.”

Another point of concern is the fact that Adriano is getting more game time than Jordi Alba. The ex Valencia player defended his situation and dismissed the claims stating that his performances for Barca will improve as the season goes on.

He said that:

“There are no regulars or substitutes at Barça. We are all important. It is true that Adriano has played more, but we’re all important. I feel good. I’m settling down well and I’ll try harder and do better.”

When asked about the next Clasico match he said that he was focusing on Barca’s next match against Seville. He knows that Seville beat Real Madrid and will try to make things difficult for the Catalan club.

No doubt Jordi Alba will focus on getting his performances for Barca in order so that Tito Vilanova can count on him. He’s still a new signing for the club and has yet to fully settle down and get into the groove with the rest of the team. Tito will no doubt be counting on the young defender and will use him more and more as the season goes on.

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