Cesc Fabregás denies rumours on Twitter

Cesc Fabregás is convinced there is a campaign against him. He doesn’t know how it started but he’s fine at the club. The Barça midfielder had to explain his situation on social media site Twitter: “I would like to avoid misunderstandings, I am very happy at the club.”

Cesc, as we know, has not had the best of starts this season and is struggling to fit in with Tito Vilanova’s plans.

Fabregás is still in the news even though we’ve had a virtually football-free weekend. Fabregás has had to state on Twitter that he is happy at the club amidst fears that Milan will come in for him in the winter now that he doesn’t seem to be figuring in Tito’s plans.

In an interview with the Daily Sport magazine, the Catalan has said that there is a campaign against him but he is happy at the club – where no one said it would be easy to play. “I do not know who started this mini campaign against me, because I’m fine,” he says. Fabregás also says he feels very positive and strong enough to face a season full of challenges.

Cesc, on seeing the commotion, wanted to reassure his fans through his Twitter profile, stating that he is “very comfortable and feels at home.” The Spain international said: “Good morning everyone, I would like to avoid any misunderstanding, I am very well, very happy at the club and I feel very supported by the fans and the whole team”.

Despite not living the sweetest of moments, and being stalked by several European clubs that are interested in his signature, Fabregas insisted his desire to “keep working” and improving at Barça. “I’m just thinking of working harder and giving of my best everyday”.

So the Cesc saga continues but as we have heard from the horse’s mouth, the lad says he’s fine and there’s nothing to worry about. This is true, Fabregás has an uphill task on his hands as there are so many great Barca players in his position. He must not give in but try and rekindle the spirit that brought him to the club of his dreams.

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