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Football Writers Wanted
Barcelona FC Blog aims to cover all of the possible news articles about FC Barcelona and La Liga in English and we are seriously looking for bloggers who can pen down fresh insights and opinions on the beautiful game of football. Sometimes we write about clubs in the Premier League and other leagues in Europe, too. We also have a section on Real Madrid that is mostly reserved for the Clasico matches and UEFA Champions League.

How do you apply?

You can send us a original article so that we could review your work and set you up further on our website. Please make sure that you are not sending us an old article which you might have published elsewhere. If you send us something that we might be interested on, we’ll contact you and discuss further to setup your author profile so that you can post your article online further.

Our requirements

We are mainly looking for opinion based football content. These can be anything regarding team previews, reviews, your views on several football players or clubs, match reports or anything related to FC Barcelona. This is a one time opportunity that we’re providing so that you can explore your sports journalism career ahead and feel passionate about what you’re interest in.

  • Articles should be of minimum 500 words
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Your content regarding anything that we’ve mentioned in our requirements above
  • Make sure the article is unique and is not published anywhere else
  • Successful candidates should be able to write at least 2 articles per month so that we can make sure you are here not only for building links or any SEO work.

Are you paid?

Yes. If you’re looking forward to contribute to us on a regular basis maintaining the standards to what we require, we’ll be more than happy to pay you for your hard work.

What’s next?

If you are eager to write for us and love FC Barcelona, please use our contact form to get in touch with us first.