Will Barcelona win La Liga?

FC Barcelona

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Ok, so the club is 8 points ahead of Real Madrid and 4 points ahead of its nearest rival Valencia. Barça has won 9 games and drawn 1 while Los Blancos have won 6, drawn 2 and lost 2. Should Barcelona be celebrating its 8 point advantage or taking things with a bit of caution?

In my opinion, Barça should be doing the latter. I mean, how many times have the Blaugranas had a decent advantage only to let it slip away? I think Real Madrid are going through a phase which will soon be rectified given the talent that they have over there.8 points is not a big enough advantage for the club to rest on its laurels and sit back and relax. Barça have to keep up the momentum and keep pushing forward.

Can Messi or Suárez keep up the momentum for another season? We’ve lost Neymar to PSG but we need a replacement for him in January when the window’s open. Who do we go for? Dybala would be a good bet if Barça could pay his clause but other than that, who could fit in with Messi and Suárez up front? People like Coutinho but is he Barcelona material? Maybe.

I just hope we don’t get any nasty injuries because it’s the team that can balance injuries with solid results who’ll win this year’s honours. While Valverde is a decent coach, there’s something in the back of my mind that tells me that any reasonable coach could come into the club and have short term success, just because who the team is and the players that are there.

Barcelona have a tricky fixture before the international break – they face Sevilla in the league on Saturday who currently sit in 5th position on 19 points. A tough game in my opinion coming from a 0-0 draw with Olympiacos this week in the Champions League.

I’m not going to put my hand in the fire just yet and say Barcelona will win this league. I still think it’s early days and don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch!

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