Luis Suaréz: “I left England because I was tired of the press”

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Luis Suaréz: “I left England because I was tired of the press”

Barcelona frontman Luis Suárez has said in an interview that he left the Premier League because he was tired of the press. In an interview given to Bein Sports, Suárez spoke about his time in England and his current side FC Barcelona.

“I am very happy at Barça. Playing for the best team in the world is a dream come true for me and I’m enjoying it. I am adding to the team’s game and this allows me to be calm and feel important”, said the Uruguayan.

Luis Suárez declared feels happy with his game at FC Barcelona: “There was a time in which I would create the opportunity to score but then fail to do so, and that worried me. I am very self-critical, especially when I see that I’m not helping my team out, be it with the teamwork, assists or goals. But when I didn’t score but did help the team out and felt important, well, then I felt okay about it all”.

Suárez is delighted in the city of Barcelona: “My family is delighted here in Barcelona, enjoying a city that we had already visited. The kids go to school and my wife is very happy”.

The frontman doesn’t understand the English press: “I don’t know if there is a campaign in the English press against me, but it’s clear that they miss me. They criticise me so much about things that haven’t even happened just to get our attention. They published some images of me (in a game with Demichelis) in the morning and when they saw that it was all untrue, the images soon disappeared from their pages. There came a point when I said enough is enough and that they leave me in peace. I left because I was tired of them. But they still come after me”.

Like it or not, Suárez will be in the press for some time I fear. Personally I think the Uruguayan has to stop thinking their is a campaign about him as he’s getting a bit paranoid. The way to stop the press interfering in your life is by getting on with your game and ignoring them. The trouble is, is that the press all over the world thrive on people like Suárez and his 3 biting incidents will not go away anytime soon. In my opinion Suárez just makes it worse by admitting that the press is getting to him as it’s like a red rag to a bull.

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