Could Chelsea snatch Lionel Messi from Barcelona?

could leo messi end up in chelsea

Could Leo Messi end up in Chelsea?

Could Jose Mourinho land the biggest fish in the sea? That’s the question being asked today as Barcelona is in a state of meltdown over the sacking of Zubizarreta followed by the resignation of legend Carles Puyol as assistant to the sporting director.

Leo Messi has apparently fallen out with manager Luis Enrique and some Spanish newspapers are calling their relationship a “total divorce”. The rumours of the “supposed” gastroenteritis suffered by the star in the last match in which Barça lost 1-0 to David Moyes’ Real Sociedad, doesn’t wash with the Nou Camp crowd. They know something is not right with their star player.

Now, reports are coming from Spain saying that there is much talk of Messi ending up in chelsea and even the Argentine sparked rumours by following the Blues on Instagram – coincidence, or is there some substance to the rumour?

Andrea Orlandi, who spent 2 years in Barça B and 1 year in the senior squad spoke to talkSport.

“What I know from people there is that from day one the relationship (between Luis Enrique and Messi) wasn’t the best and obviously now it’s getting even worse,”

“Messi didn’t get picked at the weekend and the next day there was an open day for the kids, it’s a big day in Spain, the 6th of January (Three Kings Day). There were 15,000 to watch training and Messi didn’t turn up. That really wasn’t good from him and obviously it’s not looking good at the moment.”

30 year-old Orlandi finished by saying: “It looks like we could see Leo Messi at Chelsea. The rumours in Spain are that Chelsea are after him and I can see that happening because it’s probably the first time a story like this about Messi has come out. There have been loads of stories over the years but nothing has come out in the press but it’s been publicised now and everyone knows there is a problem there.”

Orlandi certainly has a point and it’s one that FC Barcelona would want to deal with swiftly if they are not to lose their most valuable asset to the Premier League. I fear though that Luis Enrique may have already lost the player and that one of his boots are already halfway out the door.

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