The difficult last few months of Thomas Vermaelen

Thomas Vermaelen

FC Barcelona defender Thomas Vermaelen arrived back in the city on Monday after being operated on in Finland. He underwent successful surgery on his semitendinosus muscle in his right hamstring and now has a spell of four to five months of recovery. The Belgian thanked the fans and his teammates for all their support throughout the time he’s been off the pitch.

He didn’t know the team were going to wear shirts in support of him at the 5-1 thrashing of Espanyol at the weekend he told Barça TV and todays photo shows Thomas holding one which had been signed by the whole team.

“I knew nothing about it and it was as huge surprise. I am very grateful to my team-mates for the way they showed their support with this shirt. It has given me strength for the next few weeks.

“The last few months have been difficult because I’ve not managed to recover and that’s why I made the decision to operate. I am very focused and my objective is to recover as soon as possible.”

We are in no doubt that Vermaelen was strengthened as a result of his team’s gesture of support and the player took to Twitter to say thank you.

“Great win, congrats guys! I would like to thank the team @fcbarcelona for their amazing support. Much appreciated!”

Thomas Vermaelen will be out for 4 to 5 months and he will need all the support the team can give him to carry him through these difficult days.

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