Could Xavi be Barcelona manager under Laporta?

laporta and xavi

Could Xavi manage Barcelona under Joan Laporta?

German newspaper Kicker has stated that Xavi Hernández could be Barça’s manager ahead of the 2016 presidential elections. Kicker reckons that Joan Laporta has sounded out the talented midfielder as a future boss and would like him aboard for the 2016 Presidential race in which Laporta is a very strong candidate to get back at the helm of the club he once presided over.

34 year old Xavi enjoyed a good relationship with Laporta when he was president and still does today although not many have known this since Rosell became manager and now Bartomeu. Joan Laporta is on track to become the president again and he is making great waves. Just last week Laporta was seen having lunch with Jorge Mendes and there has been speculation of him bringing Mourinho back to the Nou Camp. Strangely enough, a lot of Barça fans voted for a return from the Portuguese manager despite the scandals he brought to Spain.

Xavi even told the BBC in an interview that he would be open to coaching FC Barcelona one day but remained adamant that his main priority is playing for the club and he’s like to carry on for as long as he can.

Getting former players to manage the club is nothing new for Laporta as we saw in the case of Pep Guardiola. Many people thought he would crash and burn, but how wrong they were.If Xavi could deliver half as much as what Pep did in his four year stint at the club, he would be a great manager without a shadow of a doubt.

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