Cruyff: It’s sad to see Barcelona like this

johan cruyff

Johan Cruyff: It’s sad to see Barcelona like this

The Dutchman was speaking at the launch of his new documentary called ‘L’Últim partit’ (The last match), a documentary film about how Johan Cruyff was signed by FC Barcelona to spark a sporting, social and cultural resolution in Catalonia.

Johan Cruyff is not one to mince his words and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in Barcelona but the Dutchman is not too pleased with the current panorama at the club he once managed.

“The people who love this club are not happy with what is currently going on. There are big judgements happening, and even a President that could go to jail.

“It makes me sad to see Barcelona like this at the moment. With UNICEF, it was the joy of the world. Everyone wanted to see them. I think they have lost a lot of prestige around the world.”

‘L’Últim partit’ tells the story of Cruyff’s arrival and impact from the point of view of different people involved in some way or other with the 40 years that he has spent in Catalonia.

Cruyff highlighted the need for some continuity at the club after the various changes in tenure at the helm of Barcelona.

“Luis Enrique has one thing working in his favour. I recruited him even though I wasn’t ultimately able to work with him. He loves this sport but I am not within the club anymore, I cannot advise anything. Barcelona had two coaches in nine years previously, and now they’ve had three in three.

He also said that Real Madrid have learned how to play Barcelona.

“The current Real Madrid have team have learned Barcelona’s game. Despite the two straight losses, it would be a huge disappointment if Barcelona don’t win in Amsterdam. They are the stronger team and Ajax are younger.”

Cruyff also spoke about Argentine astro Leo Messi and says that he will get back into the scoring habit when people stop focussing on Telmo Zarra’s record.

“Messi does not play alone. The smaller details are very important. I think it’s very easy for people to declare whether something is working or not. I see him happy, why wouldn’t he be? I think that the moment people stop talking about the record, he will score.

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