Luis Suárez thinks Red Devils and FA set him up

suarez and chiellini

Luis Suárez should man up and take his biting and racism bans on the chin

Just when you think Luis Suárez has finally grown up about his biting spells in the Premiership along with the racism slurs against Patrice Evra, the Uruguayan tells FC Barcelona’s official website that he was set up by Manchester United and the FA.

I thought Suárez had finally learned his lesson when Barça decided to throw all caution to the wind and take a chance on the ex Liverpool player, but no. The last bite, the third in his career, was the last straw for Liverpool who sold him to Barça and the last straw for FIFA, who banned him for 3 months for taking a lump out of Chiellini at the World Cup.

Barça had to effectively re-brand Luis Suárez as he didn’t quite fit into the whole Més que un club thing and the Catalan club’s high standards.Barcelona went into extra time with the Catalan press showing Suárez in a different light with family pictures, hospital visits etc etc.

Luis Suárez is about to set foot on the pitch as a Barça player and the Uruguayan has spoken to the club’s official website.

Suarez gave his views on the racism slur and called it a farce. He also spoke of his hurt and anxiety but forgot to mention an apology to Chiellini except when the interviewer prompted him at the end of the interview.

Barcelona website: Your temper has caused you several problems over the years. Do you regret anything?
Luis Suárez:”When I say I’m sorry it’s because I regret something. Being sorry implies regret. But they have also sometimes judged me on things that aren’t true, such as the racism thing. I was accused without evidence and that’s what grieved me the most. The others were actions when it was me who did wrong. I accepted that and begged forgiveness, but the racism thing, when I was accused without evidence, that did upset me.”

The Uruguayan FA said the incident was a conspiracy forged by a general dislike of Suarez and aided by pictures that had been Photoshopped. Laughingly, their defence of Suárez revolved around an idea that the player had lost balance and found his teeth around Chiellini’s flesh, hurting himself more than anything.

Chiellini was blamed too, Uruguay”s captain Diego Lugano saying “The scars? They are old scars, if you weren’t stupid you would be aware. Chiellini did it on purpose.

I thought Suárez had finally manned up but it looks like he’s far from doing that. In my opinion, he would have been better leaving the touchy subject of biting and racism alone. It would have been better to speak about other things and suck up to his new club a bit more who rescued him from the mire, so to speak.This latest outburst by Suárez clearly shows what type of person he really is – bitter, jealous and resentful. I just hope he puts it all behind him and gets on with the job in hand by doing what he does best on the pitch.

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