Xavi Hernández insulted me says Javi Martínez

Barca playmaker Xavi Hernández insulted fellow compatriot Javi Martínez at the Allianz Arena last week. “At games like that you are tense and friendships are worth nothing. At times like this it doesn’t matter if I attack players like Xavi or others. When you are playing football, there are no friends. But after the game, it’s all back to normal, we talked and we shook hands,” says Bayern Munich’s Javi Martinez in an interview with German weekly ‘Sport Bild‘.

Both players know each other from playing in the Spanish national side and have a good relationship on and off the field. They talked after the 4-0 thrashing in the first leg of the Champions League semi final: “Xavi said that Bayern have a great team and are in very good form at the moment. Xavi Hernández said that ‘you are really really good and it’s very, very difficult to beat you” said Bayern’s Javi Martínez.

Javi Martinez pointed out, however, that Barca is a team that never gives up. If a team can overturn a 4-0 result, it’s Barelona. He said that Bayern must be very careful as against the Italian giants AC Milan, they won 4 – 0 at home. He signaled that Barcelona was a great team and not some little team in Ayegi – the small town where ex Athletic Bilbao star Javi Martínez hails from.

Asked what the plan was to defeat Barca in Munich, Javi Martínez noted that everything went according to Jupp Heynckes‘ plan.
“We moved the ball well and we moved it quickly up field and were unpleasant for Barcelona. Thus we could be dominant and superior.” said the player.

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