Xavi: “I Believed in Pep Guardiola From Day One”

Xavi Hernández from Barcelona Fc has broken his silence over the style of play at Barcelona and the national team and says that talent is the “key” to win games
today, while a team that has eleven very physical players may not enough to win.

“I do not think that our way of playing football has gone out of fashion. Talent is the key in the game today. Natural ability and qualities of each player are more valuable than the skill physics. A coach could put eleven very physical players on the field but it would probably not be enough to win”, said Xavi in an interview with the official magazine of the Champions League. “Pep is the perfect man for this job”, he added.

Pep is committed and has tremendous self conviction

On the other hand, Xavi revealed that he believed in their coach, Josep Guardiola, from ‘day one’. “I believed in Pep (Guardiola) from day one. He is
committed, thorough and enthusiastic. He has tremendous conviction in his methods and the ability to transmit all his energy”, he said.

“I know there were questions about his lack of experience, and if someone comes back to the Nou Camp as in Pep’s case, everything has to be re-explained how everything works. It was not the case of Pep, and he knew exactly what he had to do. He is the perfect man for this job, but even the most optimistic could not have imagined what he has achieved,” he said.

Easy adaptation of homegrown talent

The Terrassa born star said the squad players quickly adapt themselves to the first team because Guardiola is also a product La Masia (Barça’s centre for young players). “Guardiola therefore knows that players he chooses from the inferior categories will fit in nicely with his system” , he said.
“The results of the youth squad development can be seen today as there are eight or nine key players in the Barcelona first team. They are the basis on which the team is built,” he said.

Finally, the midfielder said the benefits of having a system built from the ground up have never been as productive as now – just look at first team players like Thiago, Jeffren and others who are already settled in as is the case of Sergi Busquets and Pedro.

Xavi ended by saying, “From childhood we are taught that before taking the ball you have to know what to do with it. The benefits of instilling principles in young players have never been as productive as today”.

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